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Our home groups are designed for you to connect with G-d's love on a deeper level.


Joining A Home Group

What is a home group?

To create a connection point for individuals and families to grow and fellowship with others who are like-minded and are benefiting from the teachings of Baruch and LoveIsrael ministries.  Home groups will help connect people through various means which may include, but are not limited to, weekly studies, fellowship meals, and celebrations of Biblical Feasts/Holidays.  Home groups will provide a means to go deeper into Biblical texts and build/strengthen relationships, all of which will help prepare believers for the coming days ahead.  

How do I join a home group?

The first step in joining a home group is to fill out the form below and a team member will contact you with more information.  If you don’t see a home group in your location please fill out the form so we can place a pin on the interactive map to indicate a future home group. 


How do home groups function?

  • We want to partner in what G-d is doing and give Him all the glory.
  • Home groups are autonomous from LoveIsrael.org.  Not all groups will be the same and it is our desire that G-d moves within each group as He sees fit.
  • L.I.T. Home Groups will seek to provide in-depth studies of Biblical passages so believers together can better understand and obey His Word more thoroughly.  We want as many groups to be registered as possible to provide connection opportunities for many, all around the country.
  • As persecution of the Church continues to increase, we foresee Home Groups being an important method for Biblical teaching and fellowship of believers in the last days.
  • A natural outcome of these groups will be fellowship and encouragement from other believers desiring to know and obey His Word.
  • Home Groups should utilize Baruch’s teachings and study guides.  This will help to ensure that all teachings remain Biblical and in line with the L.I.T. statement of faith.
  • Groups will be accountable to their Home Group leaders as well as regional representatives who will help provide Biblical oversight and encouragement as needed.

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